Four Reasons Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot

October marks the beginning of Influenza Season each year in the United States and Affinity Health Center is ready to offer the Influenza Vaccine or flu shot to our patients.

Here’s four reasons to get your flu shot:

  • The more people who get the flu shot, the better for everyone.  More immune people means that the flu virus has more trouble moving through the greater community, saving more folks at high risk of flu infection.
  • It is impossible for the flu vaccine to give you the flu; there is nothing alive (viral or otherwise) in the flu shot.  It is created to simply stimulate your immune system in preparation to kill the flu virus should you encounter it.
  • Thousands of people die of the flu every flu season; almost all of these deaths occur because the victim failed to get a flu shot, meaning their death was PREVENTABLE!
  • You’re probably not allergic to anything in the flu shot. Many people believe they are allergic to something in the flu vaccine, but studies have shown that this is almost never the case.  People claiming allergies have undergone allergy testing and have shown no allergic reaction to components of the flu shot.

Make an appointment for your flu shot at Affinity or take advantage of flu clinics at local pharmacies, schools, or employers. Remember, getting your flu shot not only protects you, but everyone else.