National Health Center Week 2020

National Health Center Week (NHCW) at Affinity Health Center usually involves group activities, cook-outs and even zumba classes. This year we went virtual for most of NHCW. We hope you were able to catch one of our virtual tours on social media where we engaged voters, got a sneak peek at our new dental service expansion and took a look from the frontlines of COVID-19 testing. If you missed them live, you can watch the videos on our Facebook page. Not everything is virtual, patients entering the building with appropriate coronavirus screening and precautions will be welcomed by our “Lighting the way…” display featuring how everyone at Affinity plays a part in “lighting the way for healthier communities today and in the future!”

Have you moved? While engaging voters, we found that many people had moved during the pandemic and needed to update their address on their voter registration. Prepare for the election now by checking your voter info at while you have plenty of time to make updates and request an absentee ballot if needed. If you are 65 or older, disabled, a caretaker, or one of fifteen other reasons, you may qualify for an absentee ballot in SC. Check to see if you qualify and apply. If you need to register, text “Vote Health” to 34444. Affinity has computers in the lobby available for patients to connect to resources such as voter registration, job search, etc.