TeleVisits are Easy and Secure

Affinity Health Center offers new ways to see your provider by using your computer, mobile device or phone. These methods are secure and HIPAA compliant to keep your medical information safe. We may ask you to use one of these new appointment types to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your safety is our number one priority.

Can I Still Come in for My Appointment? We are limiting physical visits when possible. This helps to keep everyone safe by reducing the number of people inside the building. Many of our staff are working from home, maybe even your provider. We plan to remain open our normal schedule and will continue to see patients who need to come to the office or are unable to use TeleVisits.

I Need Help with My TeleVisit! We are just a phone call away. We might even reach out to you the day before to do a test run to make sure you are comfortable and everything works. Find more help for TeleVisits and the Patient Portal on our website: