Affinity Provides Quality Care For Those Most In Need

Chart showing the number of Affinity patients seen in July 2017 living in poverty.

Seventy percent of Affinity’s patients who had a visit in July were living at or below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). That’s a maximum of $12,060 per year for an individual’s income or $24,600 per year for a family of four. Ninety-three percent were living at or below 200% of the FPL. Affinity Health Center’s vision is for a healthy and vibrant community where all people have access to exceptional and comprehensive healthcare. Through our monthly tracking of our services and patients seen, we know we’re providing access to exceptional and comprehensive healthcare to those most in need. We’re proud of our commitment to caring for those most in need and hope that you will check our most recent statistics each month. You can find them broadcast on waiting room and exam room monitors and on our website at